Your Service Receiving Rules

Our website address is: https://totoroof.com.

Effective as of January 01, 2020


You are humbly requested to go through the terms and conditions of the website before exploring the website or making any purchases. If you do not agree with any terms or conditions stated in the site, you may not be able to explore the website or use the basic functionalities of the website such as comparing product(s) or ordering a product(s).

These following terms and conditions will be valid for the official website of TotoRooF from January 01, 2020, and onwards.

The website, entitled TotoRooF.COM, is actively incorporated and fully authorized by TotoRooF. There are frequently used terms such as WE, US, and OUR on the site, which is directly referred to TotoRooF. TotoRooF independently offers services, information, product(s), and tools via the specific online platform; through this website. All the services, product(s), tools, and pieces of information, notices, and updated policies will be provided
on the site, with a valid agreement of the acceptance of the terms and conditions between TotoRooF and the users.

In the event of exploration of our website or any kind of purchases that will be made via our website; any active user or visitor is under our services and must agree to follow our terms and conditions, extended terms and conditions that are available by the reference or hyperlink, updated policies, and announcements. All the terms and conditions are applied to all the users, including the vendors, customers, merchants, or contributors to the websites.

Any kind of addition, update or modification of the website content is also subjected under the available and updated terms and conditions which will be always visible by the users. TotoRooF reserves the right to update, change, modify and replace any parts of the terms and conditions of the website with prior notice or update of the website. The continuity of any user or transaction will be under the updated terms and conditions.

TotoRooF is an independent store hosted and owned by few individuals who possess the power of attorney to sell product(s) or provide services via TotoRooF.COM which is also an independent online presence of the store. Any kind of interference from the third party organization or individuals is strictly prohibited.


  1. You are at least from the age of the majority by the means of state law or province of the residence by the state law.
  2. You are providing the consent to allow any of your fellow dependents to use the website.
  3. You will not use any of our product(s) for any kind of illegal and unlawful usage, intentional harmful act, unethical mean or unauthorized manipulation or any kind of violation of the existing state laws (including but not limited to copyright laws).
  4. You will not spread any kind of viruses or harmful codes that will cause any kind of disturbance in the procedure.
  5. Any kind of violation of the terms and conditions will immediately restrict your user functionalities that might result in service interruption, banning from the website, restrictions for future transactions or possible lawsuits.
  6. You will not be spreading any kind of spam or unwanted/unauthorized information on the website.
  1. TotoRooF reserves the right to decline services anytime to any individuals or organizations without further explanation.
  2. Your credentials may be used in various networks for technical and obligatory requirements without encryption. Your credit card information will always be used with encryption during any kind of transaction throughout any network.
  3. You will not copy, sell, resell, reproduce, duplicate, rearrange any of the services, parts of the services, access to the services or usage of the services that are available on the website and announced to be on the website.
  4. The agreement headings that used here, are mostly for the convenient issues and will not be limited.
  1. TotoRooF is not responsible for any kind of changes or inaccuracy issues in the available general information that have been showcased on the website for reference-only purposes and general usages. It is highly recommended that the users must not be dependent on the general information without proper validation, authorized incorporation or secured sources. In the event of using any information without a justified source, you will be responsible for your own actions.
  2. TotoRooF may have some historic and abstract information that might not be necessarily updated and mostly are used as references for the users. We hold the right to change, update, modify or delete any kind of content of the website without further notice or obligation to update the information. In the event of using any historic or abstract information, you will be responsible for your own actions.
  1. The prices of our product(s) may change from time to time and we hold the right to change the prices without prior notice. This rule is not applicable to the product(s) that you have already ordered in a different price range.
  2. We can discontinue, change or restart any kind of service without any prior notice.
  3. We will not be liable to any individual user, corporation or third party organization for any kind of update, discontinuation, change or modification in the prices or services.
  4. Once the price or services are updated, the same order that has been placed before with different prices; will be charged with the updated price range.
  1. Few specific product(s) may be available in our online store in a limited amount in quantity and for a certain period of time. Regarding any kind of exchange or return issues for any of these specific product(s), You can always check our Refund and Return Policy.
  2. The product(s) are showcased almost accurately as in their best conditions as they could be on our website. We will not be responsible for any kind of color, size, quantity mismatch for the received product(s) for different kinds of displays in different devices.
  3. We reserve the right to limit or discontinue to provide any kind of services to any individual or organization at any given time with no prior noyice.
  4. We hold the right to discontinue any product(s) or services on the website with no prior notice.
  5. Any description, price range, availability of any product or service may be changed or modified without any prior notice.
  6. Any prohibited offers or discontinued offers for any product will be shown as void on the website.
  7. We do not provide any kind of warranty for your satisfaction with the product or the service. We will not be liable for product(s) that might not reach your expectation level without the warranty.
  8. Any kind of service error checking is also not warranted by us.
  1. We reserve the right to decline to provide any kind of service to any individual or organization which includes dealers, distributors, resellers as well.
  2. We reserve the right to limit the services fully or partially to the individual or organization. This restriction may be enabled for the same customer, same account, same credit card holder, same order or the same billing.
  3. In the event of cancellation or declined services, the user will be notified via available contacts such as email, phone number, postal address or any available contact methods.
  4. You are obliged to provide accurate and full information about your account for any kind of service or product. You are also obliged to update your contact and card information in the account to have a flawless transaction. You can check more details in Refund and Return Policy.
  1. You will have access to a few third-party apps or tools on the website that we don’t have any kind of monitoring protocols or control over. In the event of using any of those third-party tools or apps, You are responsible for your own actions.
  2. The third-party apps or tools will be available in terms of “as in” or “as available” which we don’t have any cooperation with. No warranties will be provided for using any of these apps usages or the outcomes. We will not be responsible for anything that might occur from the usages of the third-party apps.
  3. Any third-party app must be used with the proper authentication from the related service provider of the third-party app. User should be aware of the fact that TotoRooF is not liable for any kind of mishaps that might happen while using the third-party apps.
  4. New sets of offers, services, product(s), tools or single offer, service, product or tool might be integrated in the website in the future which will also be under the available terms and conditions.
  1. We are offering a certain amount of product(s)/services that may be available via some other third-party websites.
  2. We do not authorize any of the third party website and do not have control over the product evaluation. As long as the user will switch to visit or make a purchase in any third party websites via our website, We will not be responsible for any kind of mismatches, frauds, authentication issues, accuracy issues or any kind of transaction or quality issues regarding the services or the product(s).
  3. As long as the user will be interacting with a third party websites, they will be under the new set of authorized terms and conditions of the third-party websites. We do not provide any guarantee of a relaxed terms and conditions for using a third party website.
  4. The user is solely responsible for the usage of the third party website. We do not either encourage or discourage of any of the usages. For the time being, any usages of these third party websites, User must acknowledge the fact that we will not take any kind of responsibility after one leaves our website to another third party website.
  5. TotoRooF will have no liabilities towards any kind of mishaps, damages, mismatches, uneven prices, wrong information, technical issues, delivery issues, purchase issues that might happen while using the third party websites. User must be aware of the fact that as long as the user will be interacting with other third party website, the terms and conditions of that specific website will be applied instantly.
  1. User agrees not to use any kind of unlawful, abusive, attacking, threatening comments or materials anywhere on the website that allow the user feedback.
  2. User agrees not to violate any kind of privacy policy, agreement rule, third-party rule, copyright, trademark, personal or proprietary rights.
  3. User agrees not to share any kind of wrong information, propaganda, false identity, misleading sources or fake product comparison.
  4. User agrees to share valid and updated online information regarding any kind of transaction or co-operation.
  5. User agrees not to share any kind of urls, links or materials that might be a malware or virus that could possibly affect or harm any of our website services.
  6. User must acknowledge the fact that we have the right to monitor, delete, filter and ban any kind of unlawful, aggressive, threatening, pornographic or offensive feedback.
  7. We may share, publish, distribute or translate the comments, ideas, feedback which will be submitted to us with proper consent from the user without prior notice.
  8. We do not provide compensation for any kind of comments or feedback.
  9. We may but have no obligation to keep the feedback confidential or encrypted.
  10. We may but have no obligation to reply to any of the comments.
  11. We will not take any kind of responsibility for the comments that can be posted by any individuals.

Your personal information will be directed, guided and managed by the privacy policy of TotoRooF. To view our privacy policy, please check.

  1. User must be aware of the fact that our website might show some information regarding any kind of service related issues and product(s) related issues that may have unintentional typographical or technical errors and we preserve the right to change, edit. Delete any kind of errors / inaccuracies that we find need action which includes your submitted order as well.
  2. We may but have no obligation to update, clarify or showcase any kind of information regarding the product(s) or the services except as required by law.
  3. There will be no specific date for the update or clarification.
  4. If changes have been made for single service or product(s), it should not be assumed that is applicable for all categories.
  1. User is prohibited to use the website information for any kind of unlawful events, unethical acts or against any international, federal or state law.
  2. User is prohibited to use any of the website information to contravene to any kind of intellectual property, rights of ours or any other individuals or organizations.
  3. User is prohibited to harass, abuse, attack, belittle, intimidate or take a part of any kind of unethical means using our website or any contents of it.
  4. User is prohibited to share or post any kind of spam, malware, computer virus, phishing link, pharming link, spider crawling tool or link or scrape.
  5. User is strongly prohibited to share any untrue or misleading information in the website.
  6. User is prohibited to collect any of the personal information of other individuals from our website.
  7. User is prohibited to provide wrong information in any security breach of our website.
  8. User is prohibited to use any of our website content anywhere else.
  9. User is strongly prohibited to use any kind of server attacks in our domain.
  1. User must be aware of the fact that any of our services or product(s) can be unavailable with or without prior notice.
  2. The outcome of the service or the product(s) will not always be accurate.
  3. We may discontinue, exclude, modify or sustain any of our product(s) or services from time to time.
  4. User must be aware of the fact that the usage of the services are at your own risk. All of the products, services are offered “as is” or “as available”.
  5. Any of the warranties, conditions and offers may be unavailable in any given time or unannounced time without further notice.
  1. TotoRooF takes no liability for any kind of damage, injury, claim which are by any means not incorporated with the involvement of our own employees, affiliates, contractors, licensors or incorporated individual.
  2. TotoRooF takes no liability for any kind of damage, injury, claim which are by any means incorporated with the involvement of our own stuff separately but not directly involved with the company.
  3. TotoRooF takes the liability for providing the service or product(s) in the best possible shape.

In the event that determines any kind of provision of any of these terms of services as null, unlawful, unfinished or not related with the context, the specific term or set of terms will be reinforced with the supervision of the existing state law. The unenforceable portion of the terms will not be activated with the new set of terms.

  1. User can terminate the terms of the services anytime by informing TotoRooF previously.
  2. TotoRooF can terminate the agreement with any user at any given time unannounced if the user is found to be failed to follow the terms of services, agreements and follow up commitments.
  3. This terms and conditions will be active till the time TotoRooF or the user declines to follow the terms of the services.
  4. In the event of declination of the services, User will be liable for any amount of dues that’s been held.
  1. Any failure act of TotoRooF regarding the terms of services will not constitute a waiver of the provisions.
  2. The terms and conditions, privacy policies, actively used rules and regulations, custom or default agreements, Ideas, proposals and communications in both oral and written are limited and confidential between TotoRooF and the user and in any circumstances should not be shared.
  3. Any kind of fragmentation or interpretation of any of the terms and conditions will not be projected against the Drafting party.

The following terms and conditions regarding the services and policies and the agreements are strictly regulated, constructed and supervised with the laws of 330/3-Mollapara (East Horogram), Police Station: Kashiadanga, Post Office: Rajshahi Court, Rajshahi-6201, Bangladesh.

  1. The updated terms and conditions can be checked and reviewed anytime in this page.
  2. TotoRooF reserves the right to update, change, modify, discontinue, extend or limit any terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  3. The user agrees to bear the responsibility of following the terms and condition page before interacting with the website.
  4. Accessing and exploring the website, using services and having the user privileges constitutes user end acceptance of the available terms and conditions; both existing and updated.

For any kind of queries, please write to us at [email protected]